Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mastering the Art of Cozy

Well happy Saturday!

This long weekend is already off to a great start...

When I got to work yesterday morning, I was greeted with the best kind of email and it went something like this:

"We decided to close up early today and get a head start on the long weekend! We are closing at 2, but because you come in early you can leave at noon."

Wahoo! And not only did I get to leave early, but my boss bought us Chipotle for lunch and even went to get it early for me. Talk about a nice surprise!!

So what did I do with the few extra hours? Well, I went home, got in my comfies, grabbed my all-time favorite book, Jane Eyre, and snuggled with Abby for over 3 hours! It was glorious!!

The only thing that could have made my afternoon better is if I would have had this:

Republic of Tea Pumpkin Chai Red Tea

Absolutely beautiful and fragrant! I bought it this morning at Crate and Barrel and am already brewing my second cup:) So happy I found it as I was in search of a new Fall tea!

And to complete the beginning of this already wonderful weekend, I am delighting in the thoughtful surprise my husband brought me yesterday:)

I was greeted with a kiss and these flowers when he got home! Yep, he's the best!

Enjoy your weekend!

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