Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Favorites From The Week

I've got some good eats, reads and finds to share with you on this beautiful Friday!

Grilled flank steak tacos with avocado-lime salsa ~ Sometimes when I make our weekly meal plan, I get so excited about a certain dinner that the anticipation lingers all week. This was definitely one of those weeks! Chris has been asking for steak, so I went browsing through some past issues of Cooking Light in search of the perfect recipe. Alas, I found these grilled flank steak tacos! I splurged a bit on a beautiful $17 piece of flank steak (but he's so worth it!). Last night I was feeling tired and unmotivated to cook, but I simply could not let this meal get put off! As soon as I started grilling the meat my enthusiasm was renewed as it began to sizzle and the spicy aroma of lime and chipotle filled the apartment! The results: wonderfully fresh and authentic tasting! Chris and I agreed these tacos will be making another appearance on our weekly menu!

Secrets to a Happy Marriage ~ Joanna Goddard, the author of one of my favorite blogs, was married last weekend and while she is on her two week honeymoon in Greece and Italy(jealous!), she has asked various bloggers, authors and friends to post about their "secrets to a happy marriage". It has been quite a sweet series that I've enjoyed reading:) Check it out at Cup of Jo! The post by Elly on Wednesday has been my favorite so far:)

Apron inspiration ~ I've shared that I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas, but what I haven't told you is my obsession with aprons! My whole inspiration for learning to sew stemmed from wanting to make my own aprons. I just love them and have recently been on the lookout for cute patterns. Last weekend while garage saleing, Chris and I found a few that he insisted I buy:) While paying for them the girls told me their grandmother made them over 30 years ago! All the more exciting for me as I love the vintage look. I've added them to my ever growing collection and now I REALLY can't wait to start learning! I've also fallen in love with the vintage inspired fabrics at The Tin Thimble. I need to start stocking up because I can tell, this is not going to be my cheapest hobby:)

This is one I got at the garage sale last weekend. Love the bright, cheery fabric!

This one was my grandma's and probably one of my favorites! It has such a feminine sweetness to it!

And this one is from Anthropologie. I love it's simple design and retro flair!

Bulerias Tank by Lululemon ~ I adore this tank! Perfect for yoga or grocery shopping...that's my kind of top:)

Have a great weekend! I know we're looking forward to a low-key 3-day break together:)

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