Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Eleven of Fall

Happy Fall! The season has finally arrived and I am saying goodbye to summer, even if the remnants of summer heat have decided to stick around a few more days! The high is suppose to be 99 today, but thankully cool down by the end of the week! That's Sacramento for ya:)

In honor of this lovely day, I'm giving my top eleven favorite things about Fall!

1. All things pumpkin! ~ Seriously, this is the time I start stocking up on cans and cans of pure pumpkin and sneak a little into everything, including: smoothies, pancakes, muffins, breads, soups, pasta...

2. Scarves and sweaters ~ I adore Fall clothes, enough said!

3. Hot tea ~ I drink hot tea year round, but there's something about the chilly months, a cup of tea and a cozy blanket that gets me everytime!

4. Apple Hill ~ An annual tradition in Northern Cali. Miles and miles of apple orchards filled with fun festivities, a pumpkin patch, apple treats and a craft fair!

5. Hearty produce ~ My favorites are butternut squash and eggplant!

6. Walks ~ I love a good evening walk with my hubby and my pup this time of year. And what better destination than to walk to the Starbucks across the street from us and sip a soy chai :-)

7. October ~ My second favorite month and the official month of Breast Cancer Awareness!

8. The colors ~ Deep plums, reds, burnt oranges...some of my favorite color combos show up all over the place in late September and October! In fact, our apartment kind of flowed right into Fall with our colors!

9. Soup ~ Since I can remember, I have always loved soup! And a plus, you can pack such nutritionally dense ingredients into them. Clean Eating magazine comes out with some amazing recipes!

10. Christmas music ~ I'm not gonna lie to you, by the time October gets here, I am itching to listen to it and almost always give in! What am I saying, I ALWAYS give in!!

11. Chris and I have started a new tradition of flying to the Mid-west to visit my Dad, Step-Mom and siblings in the Fall. We are totally looking forward to our trip next month!

A special bonus ~ David Crowder's new CD, Church Music, comes out today! The song, How He Loves has literally brought me to tears in my car! I am buying it as soon as I'm off work, followed by making a pumpkn pie for my hubby:)

Last year at Apple Hill!

Have a beautiful Day!


I think fair is fair said...

All of the same reasons for me! Plus I got married in October! Autumn sunsets at the beach are nothing short of amazing!!!

Missy said...

aww very nice! i love all those things too!

and...soy chais are my fav at starbucks! :)

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