Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Unusual Combination

When you think of pizza toppings, what comes to mind? Pepperoni? Olives? Sausage?

How about pesto, grilled chicken and grapes? That's right, I said it. Grapes. Your reaction might have been similar to that of my husband's, but you haven't tried the recipe we did last night and possibly found the single most delicious pizza combination yet:) I must have some hardcore faith in Cooking Light for trusting that Chris would like this dinner because I was so reluctant to tell him the "fruity" ingredient, but somehow sure he would love it! Turns out, I was right!

I believe this could dazzle any pizza lover, with it's succulent basil scent, savory cheeses and the crunch of sweet grapes. I'm telling you, I surprised myself with this one! Definitely a hit!!

*I substituted a whole wheat crust.
*I would highly recommend spending the few extra dollars on the fresh mozzerella and romano cheeeses; it makes all the difference in the freshness of this pizza.

Chicken, Red Grape, and Pesto Pizza

And on a side note, it turns out our oven really wasn't heating properly and has now been fixed! Remember this? At least I know I'm not losing my touch. After our lovely dinner last night, we enjoyed a thick, delicious slice of pumpkin pie. All is well in my kitchen again:)

Happy Tuesday!

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