Monday, October 26, 2009

Apple Hill and Roasted Tomatoes & Garlic

This weekend we took our much anticipated trip to Apple Hill! We decided to go without our pup this year. It turned out to be a wonderful 78 degree and very busy day! We made our way to our two favorite places and brought home 8lbs. of apples, Chris' all-time favorite apple juice (unpasteurized, of course), apple butter and their famous apple pie! We also purchased a Christmas ornament, a seemingly new tradition of ours:)

I am so stoked about the apples we picked out this year. As always, I got several Granny Smiths for baked apples (my favorite!), caramel apples and other baking needs, a few Gravenstein apples for homemade apple sauce and Chris threw in some other less known red varieties for snacking:)

Sunday night was incredibly relaxing for us. As usual, I was a busy little bee after church, getting the house put together, Chris watched football and then we went for a run together. For dinner I gave into a craving I've had for several days: roasted tomatoes and garlic! I simply tossed them into whole wheat linguini and added freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano. It was nothing short of delicious!

And Chris felt like celebrating, so we popped open a bottle of Chandon's Brut and paired with a delightful slice of warm apple pie!

Definitely a fabulous weekend!


Missy said...

i LOVE apple butter. my mom always gave it to me when i was a kid!

that pasta dish looks delicious! please share the recipe if you have time!!! :-)

Kate said...

I know, it's SOO good!

I'll post the recipe this week!

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