Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chicken Cheese Steak

In my experience, when a recipe comes along that you find yourself making over and over again, it simply must be shared with fellow food lovers! Our dinner tonight consisted of a dish I have now made a handful of times in a three month period, which, in my book, makes it a regular. Although the ingredients list is quite short, the combination of flavors totally ignites your taste buds! So, here it is, the Clean Eating version of Philly Cheese Steak:

Chicken Cheese Steak

2 skinless boneless chicken breasts
1/2 cup onion, roughly sliced
2 whole grain hot dog buns
2 pieces provolone cheese
salt and pepper to taste
4 slices red bell pepper (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wrap the hot dog buns separately in a piece of foil. The next and most important step for this meal is to shave the chicken. To do this simply lay the breast flat on a cutting board and, holding your knife at a diagonal, gently slice off thin pieces. Place the covered buns in the oven for about 7 minutes. In a pan, saute the onion for about 4 minutes, until the onions begin to look translucent. Once the onions are cooked, transfer them to a separate bowl. Next, drizzle the pan with a small amount of EVOO and add the chicken with a small amount of salt and pepper. Cook the chicken for about 3-4 minutes. It will become slightly browned. Once cooked, mix the onions back in and transfer to a bowl. Remove the buns from the oven and uncover, placing a piece of provolone in each bun and adding the chicken mixture. Serve with a few slices of bell pepper and enjoy!

Like I said, this meal has become a favorite in our house. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the simplicity of its flavors and the moist, tenderness of the chicken with the warm bun and melty cheese comforts and satisfies every single time!

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Danielle Williams said...

yummo! I will definitely try these :-)

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