Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Round-Up

Some thoughts from the week~

*Sometimes when I feel yucky, the only thing that seems to help is a pair of my husband's sweat pants (because mine just won't do) and a piping hot cup of tea!

*I am SOO my Mother. Case in point, I have already started budgeting and planning for Christmas presents.

*Getting random emails from my husband like, "Guess what? You're awesome!!", can make my entire day brighter!

*Having my nails painted makes me feel pretty! I typically just get them buffed because the paint chips in 2-3 days and nothing frustrates me more than chipped nails. But, when I actually do have them painted, those 2-3 days are so fabulous!

*Dreyer's Slow Churned Pumpkin Ice Cream is simply divine on top a warm pumpkin spice cookie! Enough said!

*I took a sewing class last night so I can get a feel for the basics (hey, it's been a long time!) and I am more excited than ever to get my sewing machine!

*My current obsession is chocolate milk. No lie, I have to have a little glass every day lately! I suppose it could be worse. But still, what's the deal?!

*It makes me feel special that the baristas at my favorite Starbucks know me! Especially when I'm feeling particularly good about my hair and outfit and they compliment me on how I look:) Thank you, baristas, for helping me start my day on the right foot; both with the coffee and the compliments:)

The weekend has finally shown its face and I have plans to paint pumpkins, bake a lovely apple galette, relax with loved ones and get ready for our trip to Indiana next week!

Can't wait to bake and share this with the family tomorrow!

I hope the long weekend treats you wonderfully!

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