Thursday, October 22, 2009


Until I was a Freshman in college, I was an only child. Since then I have gained one brother, three sisters and have one more on the way. It always makes me laugh when I tell people these cute little kids are my siblings and they give me a double take! I absolutely adore them and savor each and every visit we get with them, and of course my Dad and Rebecca! :)

This visit was different than usual since they have recently moved from Chicago to the small, cute town of Danvillle, Indiana. This trip was our first since they moved earlier this year and we had a blast! It's always fun to switch it up and experience something new!

We couldn't have chosen a better time to visit as Fall has fully set in and the weather was amazing! Our visits get better and better each time because as the kids get older we become more familiar to them. In fact, this trip they didn't need any time to warm up to us. On Saturday morning (we got in late Friday night) they were sneaking in our room and excitedly discussing how to wake us up. Their conclusion? Turn on the loud saw on Nathan's tool bench and stare at us until we woke up...yep, that did the trick:)

My two oldest sisters, Audrey and Ava, are absolute dolls! They seriously couldn't be any cuter (and different). I love seeing how their personalities are developing as they grow up. This entire trip Audrey continued finding our similarities and calling us twins. I even wore my pink headband to match hers:) Ava is a hoot and definitely loves Chris! And then there's precious Madeline who is almost a year and a half and just takes it all in.

We also got the pleasant surprise of spending some time with my Aunt Lyn, Uncle Jim and cousin Samantha while we were there. My Aunt and Uncle live in Illinois and Samantha was visiting from N. Carolina for the week (I haven't seen Samantha in 7 years!). Needless to say, it was wonderful to see them! We drove to their house on Saturday and stayed the night, leaving Sunday afternoon. My Aunt made us a fantastic homemade meal, which was delicious, and we got to do some catching up:) I would also like to brag on my Aunt and Uncle who completed the Chicago marathon last weekend, which was also my Aunt Lyn's birthday! They're rad, I know! My Dad actually joined them, even though he hadn't run in 7 weeks (whatever...;).

Monday we went to The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and got to tour the ground, which was fun! And now that I've been there, I may actually take some interest in the event:)

And we spent Tuesday in Indianapolis, which turned out to be an amazing day! A lot of walking, a trip to the Eiteljorge Museum of American Indians and Western Art and the NCAA Hall of Champions made for a fantastic day! Fun museums and perfect weather, right up my alley! Our flight didn't leave until 7pm, which gave us a full day.

I can't say enough good things about our trip and I am anxiously looking forward to visiting next year and meeting the new baby!

Chris helping Audrey with the monkey bars:)

Madeline and Audrey

With my Aunt Lyn and Samantha:)Can you tell we're related?


Chris is always so popular!


Chris "kissing the bricks" at the finish line of the Indianapolis Speedway!

The whole family!

Oh, happy times!


Missy said...

GREAT pics!

Kate said...

Thanks! Those kids are incredibly easy to photograph since they're always cheesin'! I love it!!

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