Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just When You Thought the Apple Fun was Over...

Last night I had a girl's night with two of my friends, Laura and Nicole and it was well overdue! Nothing beats good food, wine and caramel apple making! And to add to the girly merriment, Nicole recently got engaged so I FINALLY got to hear all the fun details from the extremely giddy and adorable bride-to-be!!

After planning to make a crock pot soup and then realizing yesterday afternoon that I forgot to put it in the crock pot, I went to plan B and made Whole Foods' Hearty Minestrone Soup. Thank goodness for my trusty online recipe box!

We even made an apple for each of our boys:)

I had so much fun with you girls!

Happy Thursday! Am I the only one stunned that November 1st is this Sunday?!


Missy said...

those apples look so yummy! i've always wanted to try that!

i am also stunned that it is already almost november!!!

Kate said...

You totally should! They are REALLY easy!!

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