Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hansen Happenings

Happy Wednesday morning!

I am feeling exceptionally good today for a few reasons. The first being that it rained last night and I am loving the chilly, gloomy weather that comes along with rain (at least for now)! And secondly, today is my Thursday since I am taking Friday off for the Harvest Festival! I requested the day off ages ago to be sure I would get it! I'm just a little excited!!

Today seemed like a perfect day for a crock pot dinner so I prepared Slow Cooker Chili Chicken Tacos this morning. Yum! And I've got to say, this blog has become a handy little reference for me when it comes to recipes we've really enjoyed. In fact, this week alone I have made Almond Stuffed Chicken, Adobo Rubbed Pork Tenderloin and Peanut Butter and Jam Cookies!

It has occured to me that we are right in the middle of the cold and flu season and somehow, Chris and I have managed to stay under the radar and remain healthy...knock on wood. I'm really hoping it stays that way because we have much planned for the upcoming weeks!

And finally, I just can't believe how quickly the holidays are approaching! It seems a little bittersweet because on one hand, I adore this time of year, but on the other, I am all too aware of how quickly it passes. So I am making a solid effort to sit back and enjoy every single moment, Christmas movie, cup of hot chocolate, family gathering and holiday decoration. I can't wait to spend my second holiday season as a Hansen!

Savor each moment!

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Missy said...

ooh i make some chicken chili too - i never thought about putting it in tacos! good idea!

i already put up my christmas tree. lol! i bought a new one so i had to make sure all the lights worked - plus i'm just excited! :-D

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