Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Small Stuff

I tend to give my husband one too many projects at a time. Lately, they are so stockpiled, we (he) have gotten a bit behind. This, in conjunction with our lives taking a turn for the busy, means there is always something to do in a rare, free moment. This weekend happened to be the first in several where we didn't have anything planned! So my hubby thought it would be beneficial to take advantage and get a few things done. After our run this morning, he had me walk to his car with him and proceeded to pull out the bench we bought for our patio several months ago. It turns out painting it was one of the projects he completed yesterday!! So this morning, while he watered our plants, I sat outside on our new, cozy bench, sipping my coffee and enjoying the beautiful, crisp air with my sweet husband. I am one very lucky woman!

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