Monday, November 2, 2009

You Gotta Have the Zest!

Our weekend as a whole was absolutely fantastic, but what I would most like to share today is about Chris' Great Grandmother's 90th birthday party.

The party was a surprise and took place at the lovely restaurant, Suede Blue. Y-U-M! The whole family gathered outside as we waited for Gigi to arrive with Chris' Grandpa and Martha. As their limo pulled up she exclaimed, "Hey, that's my famliy!" and the door was opened for her to walk across her very own red carpet! And in true Gigi fashion, she wore her tiara and posed for pictures like a real celebrity:) Are you getting the picture of adoration for this 90 year old woman? She is the very definition of fabulous!!

Obviously, the party was fantastic, the lobster and fillet medallions were amazing and seeing the family was wonderful as well, but what I would really like to talk about is Gigi.

You see, this was the second 90th birthday party we have been to in the past three weeks and the two woman have one very big thing in common: a zest for life! You would never know by her energy and independence that Gigi is 90! During her party she actually got up to sing the song she wrote about turning 90 and you better believe she had some dance moves to go along with it! She spent the night enjoying her birthday cosmos and being showered with constant words of love and appreciation for what she means to the family. Which brings me to my second point.

All evening I couldn't help but think about all the lovely things people were saying to her. It was a great reminder about what really matters in life: people and relationships. It can be so easy to focus on the things in life like the perfect job, the new house and the material possessions, but at the end of the day, or ninety years, the true blessings are the relationships we have cultivated. I only hope that if I make it to ninety, I have family and friends who love me like that!

I also want to share something that made me laugh. I had no less than ten conversations last night about when we expect to start a family! With Chris being the first Grandchild, it is expected that he will be the first to have the first great grandchild, and for Gigi, the first great great grandchild! I absolutely love the buzz it creates and can't wait until we can share that great news:) Also, Gigi predicted last night that our first baby will be a girl...we'll just have to see if she's right.

Here are some pics from our delightful evening!

I'll post later about our Halloween festivities and yummy food from the weekend!

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Missy said...

so true!!! i totally agree with you!! :-)

those pics are priceless. i hope i have that zest when i'm 90 too!

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