Thursday, December 17, 2009


Of all the smells in the world, the one that tops my list is the gardenia!

On a kind of random note, out of nowhere today, I kept getting whiffs of gardenia and every single time it flooded me with sweet and blissful memories of our wedding, as I had them in my hair on our wedding day. (I think I may have accidentaly sprayed some Marc Jacobs perfume on the sweater I'm wearing today, which would explain the random whiffs I kept getting)

While I was on the website for the Pacifica solid perfumes I posted yesterday, I came across this description for their Tahitian Gardenia scent:

"The Gardenia is the most nostalgic flower, whose enthralling vintage perfume has the power to conjure up memories in an instant. Gardenias are said to be the blossoms of love."

How fitting is that?!

1 comment:

Christie said...

Katie dear, you are a beautiful young woman - I'm loving those pictures of you...what a doll!

Love you!

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