Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Lovely Christmas

I opened my eyes this morning to the stark realization that it is once again Tuesday and I am no longer on break from work, normal life, etc. Total bummer, especially after such a lovely, long Christmas weekend! Although I have some comfort in this week being short due to the New Year! I really must get myself back into the groove!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Some of you even had snow (my Texan readers)! I know I really don't need to tell you that our holiday was amazing and lovely and everything good, but it truly was and I hope yours was too!

This past weekend was filled with plenty of relaxation, and by that I mean cleaning, taking our tree and decorations down, learning to maneaver my new SEWING MACHINE and Chris learning the tricks of the trade on his new PS3! To say we had a good weekend would be a huge understatement!

And on the subject of my new, fabulous and amazing Christmas present from my husband, I am in love with my sewing machine! And I have the sweetest family who made sure I was fully equipped with every possible sewing accessory I could ever need or want! I even received patterns, lovely fabric and the most incredible pair of fabric scissors you have ever seen (with cheetah handles!). Look out because my domestic adventures have only begun! Project one: hemming our living room curtains tonight!

But most of all, I loved spending time with our families, having friends and family over to our home and seeing my sweet friend Emily, who I haven't seen since her wedding in May! I am completely grateful for the people in our lives, overwhelmed by joy at all the Lord has done this past year and filled with excitement as I look to the new year with anticipation of what's to come!

A few pictures from Christmas:

The family at Pop's on Christmas Eve

Followed by a delicious crab dinner at my parent's house

The Hansens Christmas morning!

At my parent's on Christamas morning (we then went to Chris' parents, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures!)

Super excited about my new cheetah fabric scissors!!


Merry Christmas!

Cutest puppy EVER!

All of the family about to have brunch! Cheers!

I hope these last few days of 2009 treat you well!

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Em said...

woot woot! Thanks for the shout out! I had a wonderful time with you too kika. :)


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