Wednesday, December 9, 2009


If you have already discovered the wonderful secrets of a little store called Lush, lucky you! But if you are like me, you've probable heard about it, walked past it and maybe even considered trying their products. Until now, that is! It all started with a little gift I received from my friend, Nicole. She's one of those sweet girls who always brings a little something for the hostess and basically always has thoughtful gifts. I LOVE her! Anyway, my first Lush product was received by her and then last week, my Mom gave me a few different products as well. Being a first rate girly girl, I was so excited to use my new bath goodies!

Last night was my first test of their signature bath bomb and can I just say I never want to take a bath with anything else! Not really a fan of bubble bath, I loved the way this actually moisturized and left my skin luciously smooth and let's not even get started on the incredible aroma! I didn't even light my favorite candle, worried it may dilute the vanilla-y goodness of Mr. Butterball~

Did I forget to mention it was an adorable Christmas themed snowman?! So cute, right?

As if the bath bombs weren't amazing enough, I also used their massage bar. Hands down the best invention for at-home massages! It isn't sticky, oily, or messy at all! And this too leaves your skin ridiculously soft!

How sweet is this Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar?!

Next I can't wait to try the mimosa scented Christmas Party bath bomb!

p.s. ~ these would make lovely stocking stuffers!!


Nicole said...

Yay! I am glad that you are loving LUSH! There stuff is AMAZING! I am using Dream Cream right now and it is an amazing body moisturizer for my eczema. Plus they are a super green company.:) You have to try Vanilla Fountain, that is my absolute favorite, and anytime you have an intense workout or feel a bit under the weather Geo Phyzz is a great choice!

Kristin Wood said...

I love Lush! I'm currently using the Sexy Peel soap and their Squeaky Green solid shampoo. I love them both...with their solid shampoos I don't even need conditioner, and it's vegan, which I also love. Most shampoos have a lot of unnecessary chemicals. Lush doesn't, which is awesome. Glad to hear you love their bath bombs...I'll have to try them!

Kate said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies! I love it and I love that their products are so green!

Lael said...

Kate, let me throw in my fave lush products too! I love their body butter bars that are great exfoliators to use in the shower. I've tried the Buffy, Aqua Mirabilis, and You Snap the Whip and love them all (just depends on the fragrance and degree of moisturizer you want). They leave your skin feeling so soft!

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