Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Online Shopping

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I should have been born in a different era. I am SOO not a child of my generation! Mainly when it comes to technology. Let's see: I never have my phone and if I do it is on silent, I send about 25 texts a month, I would much rather call someone than email or better yet, meet face-to-face, I still keep a planner, I LOVE snail mail, and I love going Christmas shopping for just the right gifts!

According to my husband, going out to find presents is so 10 years ago! I have always disagreed, protesting that it just doesn't feel the same and explaining my need to experience the hustle and bustle and the general splendor of it all...until this week, that is. As I posted yesterday, I only had a few stops to make and I would be completely finished shopping. So after work I went on my merry way in search of what I still needed to buy. Except only two of the five places I went had what I was looking for! It is impossibly frustrating to know what you want, have the money for it and NOT be able to take it home!

When I got home, not quite empty handed but close, I was discouraged and still had items on my list (grr!). And then Chris got home and while we were having dinner (Thai Lime Chicken, YUM!), he suggested that I just look online for what I needed. And within 20 minutes my Amazon inbox was full of every single item I needed, and cheaper than any stores I looked in! And in a mere 3-4 days they will arrive at my doorstep and it will be like I went Christmas shopping minus the chaos of crazed shoppers! And an added bonus, there was no tax and the shipping was free!

Okay, I admit, maybe this whole online shopping business isn't so bad. After all, this season is about so much more! Although this doesn't mean I've called off going shopping all together, just that I will be more open to all of my options:)

Wrapping away!

Happy Tuesday!

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