Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stockings are by far one of my favorite things to open on Christmas morning! You just never know what treasures you might pull out of that oversized sock. Just some ideas (and maybe a subtle hint for my hubby) to make this years stocking absolutely amazing!

Capri Blue Volcano candle ~ One of my all-time favorite candles! They fill an entire room with their fabulous aroma! You can find them in several shapes and sized at Anthropologie.

Old Navy Socks ~ Who doesn't love cozy socks! On the 19th these will be on sale for $1! At that price you could buy several pair!

Lindt Dark Chocolate ~ To say I love these dark chocolate bites of heaven is an understatement! I look forward to the holiday season just to have an excuse to buy them, you know, so I have candy out when people come over...

Lush Butterball ~ You can see my full post on some other fabulous Lush products here , but these delicious bath bombs would be a treat for any bath lover!

Starbucks Via ~ I've heard mixed reviews about Starbucks new instant coffee, but they seem worth trying to me! How wonderful would it be to have great coffee on hand in a pinch?!

Pacifica Solid perfume ~ Delicious little solid perfumes that fit perfectly in your purse! And they come in the most delectable scents. You can find these at Whole foods for about $3.50.

Only 9 shopping days left! Happy stuffing!


Eclectic Design Source said...

Ooo, you listed two of my favorite things: Capri Blue candles and Pacifica Solis Perfume (I got Wikiki Pikake and Bali Lime Papaya in while in Maui). The solid perfumes are great to keep in your purse or gym bag.

Have you ever heard of Skeem or Voluspa candles? You'd probably love those, too!!

Kate said...

Aren't they wonderful?!!

I've tried a Voluspa candle in lemon biscotti and it was absolutely heavenly! I'll have to check out Skeem.

Thanks for stopping by and for the suggestions!

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