Monday, January 4, 2010

Beauty In The Ordinary

Well, it's Monday. And not just any Monday, but the day we can officially declare the holidays over. At first thought, I didn't know how to feel about this. Should I be sad that traffic will be horrendous today? Or that the gym will be much too crowded with those attempting to make real their New Year's resolutions? Or just the general post-Christmas depression that plagues some?

But if I'm being honest, there is a certain sense of relief that comes along with it. While I am perfectly content with the hectic sort of nature the holidays bring, I gladly welcome the quiet that comes after it is all said and done.

With all the special events that take place over the last few weeks of the year, it seems inevitable that our normal routine gets debunked. But truthfully, I find comfort in routine and am looking forward to getting back on track!

Even as I sit here this morning eating my good ole' oatmeal and grapefruit, thinking all this over, I am joyous at the thought of getting back on my regular workout schedule tonight and weekly meal planning! Because in all honesty, I tend to get a little lax on these things during the holiday season.

So here we are, back to reality, back to the ordinary and back to life as we know it!

Merry Monday!

Some pics from the weekend!

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