Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling Sentimental

While I don't have anything particularly profound or inspired to say today, I just wanted to share some favorite old pictures I came across last night while rummaging through my online albums. This of course got me a little sentimental!

Back in college, the summer before our last semester!

Our sweet and curious pup! She was so little!!

One of my absolute favorite pictures of me and my little sister Audrey! This one is framed in our house!

With Emily at Chris and my engagement party! We were being really silly...too much champagne and excitement!

And us at our engagement party!

Me and my handsome husband (then fiance) on my 21st birthday!

Fun times with my roomate Rebecca! We love and miss you!!

More roomate fun! This one always makes me laugh at the frames with no pictures above us...don't worry, it wasn't always like that!

*Sigh* have a lovely Thursday!

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