Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The stormy, yucky weather we've had the past several days makes me wish I could stay bundled up at home and not leave until the sun is shining on a perfect 70 degree day! A girl can dream.

Instead, I do things that take my mind off the weather! Truthfully, I find myself shopping a bit more in these wintery months.

These are some recent Etsy purchases that make me smile:

This 10x8 print by Freshline is adorable! I'm quite taken with the term "nest" lately!

I posted this headband last week and just couldn't resist buying it for myself! I received it yesterday and absolutely adore it!

We took a trip to Ikea this weekend and came home with this Ung Drill frame:

I had never seen it before. It is not very Ikea-like, but I love it! I considered painting it, but think I've settled on leaving it the way it is. This picture really doesn't do it justice!

And I ordered a 16x20 of this picture for the frame:

I think I'll make myself another cup of Starbucks Casi Cielo to warm me up! Happy hump day!


{lovely little things} said...

Great photo, what a beautiful wedding. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Laurie B. Lowndes said...


I have the Ikea frame too :) We left it black as well, and turned it into a chalkboard after it fell off the wall, shattering the glass! FYI: be careful with it, and make sure it's extra secure on the wall!

Kate said...

Laurie ~ Good to know! But yay, now you have a super cute chalkboard!

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