Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting the Hang of This

This weekend I finally started making the ever talked about snack bags! I must say, I think only now do I grasp the time that goes into prepping a project such as this! Washing and ironing the fabric, cutting the pattern, attaching the pattern and cutting out the fabric, cutting out the applique...and all that before you even get to sew! Anyway, I only have one (the smallest of the four) finished. Mainly because I am still trying to get the hang of stitching on the applique, but hey, practice makes perfect, right?!

I am proud as can be of my little snack bag! Isn't she cute?!

1 comment:

Evelyn Fields said...

Your bags look great!!!!! I'm glad you tried out the pattern with your new sewing machine. Enjoy & email me if you have any questions. Melissa

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