Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspiration: Picture Walls (and Other Spaces)

It would be a drastic understatement to say that I love frames. It's true, ask anyone who's ever shopped with me, they are a mild obsession! I am constantly on the lookout for unique finds to go along with great pictures of friends, family, things that inspire me etc. In my opinion, they make a house feel like a home. My friend Parris says it's my "thing" and to go with it, so I go with it!

When Chris and I moved into our apartment there was much to be decided about how our living space would be situated, but one thing was for sure, I wanted a wall dedicated to pictures! You know like the ones you always see in the Pottery Barn catalog! I adore them!!

So here's a glimpse at my own picture wall and other spaces dedicated to photos! It's kind of always a work in progress as I find frames I like better than my current ones!

The other day I happened to stumble upon this fabulous blog with a dining room that captured the exact look I love! And I thought, hmm, now that's a picture wall! And in the dining room? I love it! Possibly an idea for our next place!

Happy Saturday!

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