Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spoiled, But in a Good Way!

Well, the birthday celebrations have gone wonderfully so far! I thought it would be nice to let the birthday boy sleep in this morning, so after a trip to the gym and a stop at Starbucks with our Moms and my Aunt Judy to discuss last minute party details, I came home to fix my husband his favorite breakfast!

Although he has pretty neutral feelings toward most breakfast foods, he is a total sucker for blueberry anything, but specifically blueberry pancakes. I decided to include bacon with breakfast (an occurrence he is lucky to experience maybe once a year at our house!). But in the interest of spoiling him rotten, I make concessions:)

His birthday breakfast...!

And I want to share a little tip on blueberry pancakes I learned this morning. Usually, after the batter is mixed, I gently fold in the berries. Today I discovered that if you hold out on the berries until just after you spoon the batter onto your griddle and then sprinkle them on, the pancakes set up a little better and they all have an even amount of berries! Best pancakes I've made yet!

Happy weekend!

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