Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trying Something New

I know, I have previously expressed, in great detail here and here and here, how much I love our Vita-Mix! But hear me out as I explain my little project.

For the past couple weeks, I have had the idea to incorporate at least one Vita-Mix recipe into our day for a whole week. While we use it quite a bit now, I want to take full advantage of all the amazing recipes included in the cookbook that comes with the machine. We have tended to stick to smoothies, juices, soups and the peanut butter/hummus/sauces arena. I want to explore the other recipes I mark and haven't actually gotten around to making.

So this afternoon as I was sitting down making our meal plan for the week, I added at least one new Vita-Mix recipe each day through Friday! I really can't wait to try things like Curried Carrot Soup, Fresh Pizza Sauce, and the Strawberry Ice Cream! Delicious and healthy!

Well, I better get my excited little self to Whole Foods so I can make my yoga class later this afternoon!

Here's to good health!

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