Saturday, February 20, 2010

All-Time Favorite Candles

I've always been one to love the finishing touches in a home that really make it feel, well, homey! For me, fresh flowers and candles are the perfect way to accomplish that. I am a total and complete sucker for good candles and I have found that you most certainly get what you pay for. That doesn't necessarily mean that all expensive candles are good, but the really good ones are well worth the small investment. Especially since I am always lighting one or two throughout the house! Here are my all-time favorites!

Luminaries Luxury in Poppy Papaya~ the first time I received this candle was as a gift at our engagement party. I wanted to be stingy about lighting it, but every time I did, I got so many compliments about how amazing my house smelled! It still remains on at the top of my list for a great springtime scent!

Voluspa has a brilliant line of candles, but this Gogi and Tarocco Orange is absolutely incredible! It is currently lit in our living room, filling it with a subtle sweet and tangy aroma.

Capri Blue Volcano~ A definite regular in my candle stash, this is both in our entryway and our bathroom. I have given this candle as a gift to several people because it seems to be a fragrance that everyone falls in love with! The great thing about this one is the diversity of packaging. For example, it comes in a red or blue jar, a pretty etched jar (pictured below the red one) and several other shapes and sizes.

Aveda's Himalayan Glow~ this one is very earthy and natural smelling and a definite favorite in our bedroom. Sadly, it's a seasonal product that only comes out around Christmas. I usually find it in my stocking!

Thymes also has a brilliant line of candles, but this unique scent called Tamarind Lychee is my favorite, although the Blue Lotus is also delicious! It gives off a scent unlike any other candle I've tried and burns nice and slow. I am anxious to try the new line they recently released!

And finally, for someone who plugs her nose every time I walk past the Yankee Candle store, I surprised myself with this candle! Just before Chris and I moved into our apartment I purchased this Vanilla Lime candle for our kitchen and never looked back! It is perfect for a fresh, clean and summery scent that makes me want to make margaritas all the time!

Do you have any favorites?


Nicole said...

Umm...I believe that L'Occitane's Creme Carmel Candle is missing! :)

Kate said...

Oh yes, my bad! That is quite a fabulous Fall candle!

Missy said...

i love coffee, citrus, lavendar and coconut scented candles. The Satsuma scent from the Body Shop is one of my favs! Have you ever heard of Scentsy? They are all really good too!

{lovely little things} said...

Love the Anthropologie Capri blue - one of my favorite candles!!!

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