Thursday, February 4, 2010

"We Need A George"

Since Chris and I have been together, he has always said he wants a Great Dane someday. Contrary to their enormous size, they are known to be wonderful apartment dogs! Even so, we have decided to wait on getting our Great Dane until we are in a bigger place. Can you imagine a Great Dane and Abby in our apartment?? I don't even want to!

All that as a little background to the email I received from my husband this morning that said, "We need a George!".

When I opened it up this is what I saw~

This is George and his owner, Dave. George is a Blue Great Dane measuring 7 feet and 3 inches from nose to tail and weighs nearly 245 lbs! They are trying to enter him into the Guiness Book of World Records as world's tallest dog. Ya think?

Apparently he eats 110 lbs. of food a month and sleeps in his own queen size bed! The owner has had him since he was 7 months and never expected him to get so large. Talk about not knowing what your getting yourself in to!

My husband cracks me up and mostly because he's serious!


Missy said...

holy cow that is a HUGE dog! i think the biggest dog i've ever seen!!!!

Kate said...

I know! This dog could eat you out of house and home!!

{lovely little things} said...

Cute, we had a neighbor who had a great dane growing up, friendly dogs.

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