Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Perfect Pairing


I tend to get on kicks when it comes to food, but I mean, who doesn't? You've got to change it up to prevent boredom!

Lately, greek yogurt is one of my favorite snack choices! Something about its super thick, creamy texture makes it feel like I am seriously indulging, when I am really providing my body with healthy energy. Who doesn't love that?! Over the years I've tried numerous brands, but these days I am loving Chobani non-fat vanilla greek yogurt with sliced strawberries.

Now I know, I know, strawberries are not actually in season and I am almost always against buying produce that is not in season. But while grocery shopping this week I made an exception because they were calling my name, not to mention they were reasonably priced and looked tasty!

I should also mention that Chobani was recently featured in Clean Eating magazine as the best greek yogurt! Take a look at the label for yourself. (these are for the nonfat vanilla variety)



Missy said...

i need to try some greek yogurt soon! so many friends have told me they love it!

Lael said...

Oh, I love greek yogurt, Kate! I've been enjoying Trader Joe's for that (among heaps of other things, of course) since being back. I've also been buying their brand of goat milk yogurt because I'm trying to sub goat products for most of the milk products I consume since it's supposed to be gentler on sinuses/congestion...whether or not I'll be able to tell enough of a difference, I've acquired a taste for the tangy, goaty flavor and am quite enjoying it!

I'd love to catch up with you soon, so expect a phone call!

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