Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cracker Dilemma Solved

I admit that if it weren't for my husband, there are many delicious snacks I wouldn't know about. Mainly because when it comes to lunches, he tends to be a little, well, high maintanence. This is an area I often lovingly tease him about because he literally needs his lunch components to vary somewhat every week or he just gets bored.

It is for this reason I make a conscious effort to purchase different lunch meat, crackers, fruit and even bread type (whole wheat, rye, pita, etc) on a weekly basis. I personally don't love lunch food so it couldn't matter less for me, but these are the sweet quirks you come to know and love about a spouse.

Truth be told, the cracker arena proves most difficult since I am a faithful Whole Foods shopper and they don't carry most of the popular brands such as Nabisco and Lay's. And much to my husband's dismay because he typically ends up with some wannabe Wheat Thin or Cheez-It with very little resemblance to the real thing he loves so much. Poor guy!

But Saturday was one of those rare occassions where he accompanied me to the store (which is usually dangerous for my budget!) and as we entered the humble cracker aisle, we noticed a little section we had never seen before with Blue Diamond Nut Thins (a familiar brand). As we stared at the 9 different flavors, he had to solicit my advice because he wanted to try them all. We finally landed on the Country Ranch flavor and went on our way.

Of course the real test was still to come. Monday afternoon as he opened his lunch box and pulled out the crackers I think I saw a little bit of nervous anticipation because it they were bad, it meant he had tapped all available cracker resources and there was no suitable option left. But alas, they were delicious! Both perfectly crispy and flavorful. Of course, you knew that or I wouldn't have five paragraphs to tell this story.

So the moral of the story: there is a delicious, Whole Foods approved, cracker that even my husband can be pleased with. And now we have 8 other flavors to explore!

And after reading a little about them I discovered that they are also wheat and gluten free! And apparently Blue Diamond is a sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Awesome!

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