Monday, March 29, 2010

Delightful Weekend and a Little Project

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend!

Ours was one of those unplanned weekends with all the right things...

Saturday began with my early morning workout and some casual house hunting with our realtor. Then my parents invited us to have lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant; always a good mood lifter! After lunch Chris and I went home to put up our new Ikea frames/cool art and then met up with Emily and Mark for coffee/sitting outside in the sunshine and catching up since they were in town for the weekend! Then some grocery shopping and a delicious dinner with the hubs.

Sunday I got in an afternoon nap after church, something I haven't had in months. And the rest of the evening I worked on training plans because I have a new client today!!

All-in-all a wonderful weekend! I am trying to remind myself that I can indeed get through this week because it is my last full week of work until my birthday (where I'll be taking two full days off!).

Here are a few pictures (though not very good ones!) of what we decided to do above our tv, an area we've never really liked. We bought four 11x15 Ribba frames from Ikea that are matted to fit an 8x10 print. Then we printed four 8x10 photos that we took on our honeymoon (well, the one of our rings was taken by our amazing wedding photographer). We really didn't want more pictures of us, so we took ones of different elements that represent us but look more like art. I really couldn't get a good photo, but the colors pop without being too obtrusive and we love the finished product!

Click on the photo for a better view or better yet, come over!

Want to see some other recent updates to the apartment? Click here, here, and here.


Missy said...

very cute! i always have a hard time with the wall where my tv is too...why is that!? right now i have some white 3D flowers that i got for christmas from Robbie. i love them!

Kate said...

Thanks! I seriously don't get it, but I'm glad taht after almost 2 years we finally found something that works in the space! Those flowers sound cute:)

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