Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Project? Do It Yourself!

When it comes to our home, there is nothing more exciting than envisioning a project and tackling it ourselves! While they can be laboring and time consuming, the finished project always brings such satisfaction and pride in your handy work. And let's face it, they're so much fun! (It's also a huge plus that I have a very handy husband!)

One of my favorite guides to diy projects is Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine. It's published quarterly and always leaves me with a list of wishful projects.

With Spring just around the corner (9 days to be exact!), my head is flooded with fun things Chris and I can tackle this year!

I'm really trying to brave up the courage to upholster our own headboard! Lucky me, my mother-in-law has some experience with that!

Wouldn't something like this be awesome?! (not the color, but the fun pattern and shape!)



Kristin Wood said...

I'm actually planning to upholster a headboard myself in the near future.

this is the one I'm planning on doing:

Can't wait to see how yours comes out!

If you need a good (inexpensive/fast shipping) fabric source, check They're the least expensive I've found, and I think they're having a home dec weight fabric sale :)

I think fair is fair said...

Hi. I think I am that mother-in-law you speak of. DOes this meana home decorating weekend. I need to make drapes for the salon too so it could be fun!

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