Monday, March 1, 2010

An Inspired Solution to Yummy

A few years ago, I discovered an immense love for poached eggs! When we go to our favorite breakfast place, if I'm not splurging on their remarkably delicious banana pecan waffle, I order poached eggs. They are perfect over dry toast and sprinkled with a touch of salt and pepper!

When Chris and I were first married and I was only working eight hours a week, I had a lot of free time to do things like attempt my own poached eggs (those were the days!). To my dismay, they were more difficult than I expected and I deemed them not worth cooking at home, which meant they were only an occassinal treat.

Given how much I love them, I recently decided it was time to find an easier at-home method. When I first came across these poach pods, I wrote them off as another useless gadget. After all, I tried to poach an egg and it couldn't be as easy as these pods made it look! Except while doing some research (yes, I am a geek!) I stumbled on several positive reviews claiming they were indeed as easy as they looked. I was hopeful.

So last Friday I picked some up for myself and wouldn't you know, they worked! My poached eggs were fantastic and super simple! No fussing with broken yokes or worrying about them coming dismembered, just neat, perfectly poached eggs. And this weekend we enjoyed them over a toasted english muffin and a tasty slice of Canadian bacon, yum! And I suspect we will be enjoying them much more frequently.

ps ~ I found these poach pods both at Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Happy poaching!


Brad Hill said...

Aren't poached eggs the ones with runny yolks? I'll have to pass. Maybe I can cook pancakes in them or something.

Kate said...

Haha, yes Brad, they have a runny yoke. Although cooking them yourself, you can cook them to the consistency of your liking. Poached eggs are cooked with water (or in this case steam) instead of oil or other fats, which I love!

Chris said...

I actually like poached eggs best cooked mostly hard. I prefer poached over any other type of cooling method.

Missy said...

i adore fun gadgets like this! i might go get these!

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