Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kitchen Trickery

As I mentioned last week, I have temporarily given up sweets and desserts, which quite honestly, has been difficult at times. Like when I got a work email yesterday saying there were chocolate covered coconut balls in the kitchen (come on!). But not all hope is lost as I've found some creative ways to "trick" myself into thinking I'm getting a sweet treat.

What are these tricks, you ask? Well, possibly my favorite is a little secret I learned many years ago: freezing grapes! That's right, the bum fruit we pick around in a fruit salad is completely transformed when frozen. The insides become slushy while the skin gives a hearty crunch as you bite into them. They honestly taste like bite-size popsicles (which is what we decided we'll tell our kids they are!).

Unknown to me, my husband had never tasted this frozen delight. As I pulled out the bag last night to satisfy a sweet craving, he sceptically grabbed a few and popped them in his mouth. Obviously he was pleasantly suprised, even to the point he told me to take away the bag or he might finish it off! Haha! At least I wouldn't feel bad if he finished them off, unlike, say, a box of Girl Scout cookies...

And did I mention this is the easiest snack ever? Just wash a bag of grapes, stick them in a plastic bag and pop in the freezer until you're ready to eat.

These may have saved me from sneaking a few treats currently sitting in our pantry!


Brad Hill said...

Might have to try that. Another dessert that isn't very many calories: frozen fat-free Cool Whip. It's awesome.

Missy said...

i used to do that all the time when i was a kid! i def need to bring this snack back into my life!

then maybe i wouldnt have eaten those thin mints last but i did only eat two!

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