Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Vintage Obsession

During the summer months my family loves to garage sale! And now that Chris and I are settled nicely into our home, we aren't usually looking for anything in particular, just browsing. This was the case last summer, while going through a messy table of kitchen stuff I came across a green Pyrex mixing bowl that I instantly fell in love with. It was the cutest shade of green with a little white daisy pattern and had an adorable retro flair. My Mom actually laughed at me because apparently her Mom or grandma had the exact same mixing bowls and she was never really in to them.

Well, at $.50 I knew I was getting a great deal and was pleased when it suited my kitchen perfectly! A few weeks later I came across this white casserole dish with the very same daisy pattern, except the pattern was green. It felt like I had struck gold finding a matching piece, and for only $.25 (pictured below)!

Perfectly content with my two Pyrex throwbacks (which I use all the time!), I was curious to see if Etsy carried any of this pattern in their vintage section. After typing in "green Pyrex" and having 10+ pages pop up, I was awakened to a whole new world where my garage sale finds were worth something! I just knew they were worth more than the $.75 I paid for both pieces!

Of course now I am obsessed with a few pieces that I am determined to find this summer!

For instance, these coffee cups!

And I would love to find a set of these mixing bowls! The one I have has a spout, which is perfect for scrambling eggs. But these would also be ideal for all my baking needs!

I can't wait for garage sale season because really, finding them unexpectedly is so much more fun than buying them online (and cheaper)!


Nicole said...

My Gran has those same bowls in orange!

Missy said...

i think my mother had those lol or maybe my granny. cute!

Kate said...

Ha, I love that both of your grandma's have these! They are just so adorable!!

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