Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Happenings

I know you can only read so much into my tone, but know this: I am completely and overwhelmingly giddy when I say, HAPPY APRIL! It is after all, my very favorite month! And not just because my birthday is next week (although it does contribute quite a bit), but Spring is in full swing and I am running my first half marathon on the 18th (and hoping to finish in 2 hours)! And something I haven't mentioned yet, I am currently becoming a certified yoga instructor(!), something I've always wanted to do and am finally pursuing at the request of several clients at the studio. In just a few months I will be teaching my very own yoga classes (which you should totally come to if you're in the area!). Clearly you can see, this excitement is legit.

And as for today, I'm just watching my back for suspicious April Fools' play:) Have a lovely day!

1 comment:

Missy said...

i am a big fan of aries people...bc that is what my fiance is (apr 1st yay)! is your husband by any chance a pisces? that's what i am! lol

sounds awesome about instructing yoga! i hope to do that one day too! it's freakin' expensive to get certified though! holy moly!

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