Monday, April 26, 2010

Blooms and Baking

I certainly hope your weekend was delightful!

Just a few things of note this weekend. About once a month (sometimes more if I really feel the need to splurge)I like to buy fresh flowers for the house. I just love having them around and now that it's Spring it happens more frequently because our own potted plants are producing beautiful blooms! While my favorites tend to be on the more expensive side (ie: lilies and peonies), I also love the ones that go a long way while being a bit less pricey. Like these for example~

I have four more vases of them scattered throughout the house! And at $5 for the bunch, that's what I call getting the most bang for your buck!

On another happy note, I baked this weekend! While baking is something I absolutely adore, it occured to me last week that with the exception of this coffee cake, I haven't actually baked since early February. I suppose my six week dessert fast paired with being crazy busy are the culprits, but nevertheless, this baking hiatis needed to come to an end, and soon!

So I made this blueberry angel food cake~

And it was delicious! In fact, my intent was to enjoy it after our lovely halibut dinner Sunday night, but after pulling it out of the oven around 3pm and being utterly tempted by it's sweet aroma, we decided to have a piece before dinner. Actually, the conversation went something like this:

Chris: Mmm, honey, that smells delicious!
Me: I know, don't you wish we could have a piece now?!
Chris: Why don't we?
Me: Hmm...(thinking). Okay! (I am much too easily persuaded!)

And that is why I married that man. Ha, and of course for countless other reasons!

Merry Monday!

1 comment:

Missy said...

lovely cake!

i also love having fresh flowers around the house! i was just about to post about it today lol

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