Thursday, April 29, 2010

Currently Loving

Just wanted to share a few fun things I've had my eye on lately! You know, some kitchen additions I would love to have, but certainly don't need anytime soon. Sometimes I think those are the best!

To put it mildly, I love Giada! I have two of her cookbooks and often browse them when I want to make something absolutely stunning and decadent! This is her brand new book, Giada at Home, and besides being filled with delicious looking recipes, it is also full of the sweetest pictures of her family, including her precious baby girl. In my opinion, a girl just can't have too many good cookbooks!

Chris and I have an amazing waffle iron that makes the sweetest heart shaped waffles, but I think it would be nice to change it up with the occassional belgian waffles. I love this waffle iron by Krups!

I adore the simplicity of these Normandy bakers from Crate and Barrel! I've been very pleased with the rectangle baker (it's perfect for making cinnamon rolls!) and I would love to add that deep casserole dish to my collection. I imagine using it for a yummy baked pasta!

How about you? Any fun kitchen items you've got your eye on?


Laurie B. Lowndes said...


I have the C&B bakeware set, and LOVE them! So much cuter than pyrex :) The tiny one is only $10 I think, and perfect for dessert for two: apple crisp, pazookies etc... go buy one!

Missy said...

i don't know if this counts but i really want a keurig!

Kate said...

Laurie~ Totally agree, they are much cuter than Pyrex! Thanks for the suggestion and apparently the justification I feel to go buy one this weekend:) My husband read your comment and went, 'Great, go buy one". Hehe!

Missy~ That most certainly counts:) They look cool!

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