Monday, April 12, 2010

Frosting On The Cake

Happy Monday! I hope the weekend treated you well!

I am lucky enough to be at home on this rainy and beautiful Monday. Chris and I decided it would be wise to take off today, mainly because we had so much planned this weekend, we knew there would be absolutely no time to do chores that normally take place on the weekend. But also to recoup from all the fun! So once my husband wakes up, we will get to several loads of laundry, vacuuming, grocery shopping and the general chaos that's taken over our little nest:)

I can't wait to share about this weekend! But, I suppose that will just have to wait until tomorrow!

Here are some pictures until then~


Parris Reed said...

My friend is sooooooooo beautiful... I was taken aback when I took a peek at your pics! Just thought I would tell you! P.S. I have a gift for you... we should get together! xoxoxoxo

Kate said...

You are too sweet my dear! Let's definitely get together SOON! I miss your beautiful face!

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