Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Brunch

It's amazing how much you have to catch up on when absent from blogland a couple of days...kinda pathetic! So many good blogs to read:)

I have had an incredible few days, mainly because I spent so much quality time with my amazing mom! We ran the Race for the Cure Saturday morning (and sadly got no pictures!). Despite being super late this year, we still made it for the 7:40 start time!

Saturday afternoon was occupied with brunch prep the next day. I must say, I am a total and complete sucker for brunch! Most of the food items came from Giada's new cookbook and did not disappoint!

Our menu included:

Lemoncello and Blueberry Cooler
Fresh fruit
Smoked Gouda and Spicy Sausage Frittata (A-mazing!)
Pillsbury Orange rolls (funny story about these!)

There was only one small mishap, because every good meal has one, right? Originally, I made Giada's Espresso Glazed Zeppole (or homemade doughnuts!). Aren't you impressed? I certainly was! They were delicious, except I made the mistake of making them the night before (as to save myself some stress) but by morning they were completely soggy:( So Chris ran to the store and bought orange rolls, a family favorite! Oh well, now I know!

After we were good and stuffed satisfied, Mom and I went for pedicures (naturally!), did some shoe shopping (where I somehow ended up with the cutest new zebra flats) and back home to watch It's Complicated (a gift to my mom)!

All the while the boys cooked up an amazing dinner! Only to be topped off with this incredibly moist and delicious Vanillla Bean Buttermilk Cake from Orangette!

A wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful mom!


Missy said...

i ADORE brunch. :-)

Ali said...

Those are beautiful flowers! Glad you got to spend the day with your mom!

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