Monday, May 31, 2010

Once a Day

Is it really June already!?! I am beside myself that this year is almost halfway over. To be honest, earlier today I had a mild mid-year crisis, feeling as if I needed to evaluate my 2010 goals and see how well I have done thus far. How are you doing on those New Year's resolutions?

If you're feeling the need for some fresh motivation, read on!

While finishing up a cardio session with my husband tonight, the light bulb went off. For the next 30 days I will be heading up a challenge to Sweat Once a Day. After all, everybody loves a challenge! It doesn't matter how you accomplish this, as long as it is an intentional act of physical exercise such as running, cycling, yoga, weight lifting, hiking, etc.

The point is to move! Regular sweat sessions are proven to help create a healthy mind and body, relieve stress and increase your overall mood. Why is it when life gets the best of us we shrug off the most important practices, like regular exercise?

So if you are looking for fresh motivation or just need to beat some daily stress, jump on board with me and sweat once a day through the month of June!

Every time you exercise, post what you did on the "Lose Weight With Kate" Facebook page. And if you're really feeling eager, post a photo!

Happy sweating!


Lael said...

I love this! Kate, you always inspire me, so I'm on board...especially seeing as June is a month of a lot of new, exciting things for me. Perfect timing! Plus, hopefully it will prompt a catch-up session for us soon. I miss you!

Msladij said...


I am heading to the gym now! But I suppose hot flashes don't count ;). I am on board!

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