Monday, May 3, 2010

A Project Completed and Another Milestone

Merry May friends!

How was your weekend? Ours was wonderfully productive! I was finally able to paint and recover the green chairs I've been talking about. I am absolutely delighted with how they turned out! I ended up painting them a milky white (thistle seed to be exact). And I love the color so much I'm considering painting our sweet little green console table the same shade since I've got a ton of paint left! Then I found two fun prints to recover the seats.

The pink and green chair lives in the second bedroom as my desk chair and the blue and green one resides in a little corner of our bedroom.

And Saturday morning it occurred to me that it was May 1st, the same day we signed our very first lease on our apartment together! Exciting and crazy we have lived here almost two years together (since I technically didn't move in until June 29th).

So what did we do to celebrate? Well, just like the first night we moved in, we had homemade pizza for dinner, except this time we curled up on the couch instead of picnicing on the floor (because at that time we had no furniture moved in). And then we went to Pottery Barn and bought new bedding! At least that's the excuse I used for making such a big and unplanned purchase for no reason at all! In all fairness, I have been saying I want another set of bedding to avoid ours wearing too quickly:) Anyway, we both love it!!

Here it is, though we spiced ours up with a chocolate coverlet and throw from Restoration Hardware we already owned. It looks perfect!

Hoping you have a lovely Monday!


Ali said...

Great job on the chairs - they look nice!

Missy said...

very nice!

i recovered a rocking chair not too long ago. it was such a fun project!

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