Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Blockbusters

It's almost that time of year when the box office will be full of new releases! If you haven't already figured it out, Chris and I LOVE movies! In fact, a big thing we loved about living in Abilene was that we could justify going to the movies much more frequently because they were so much cheaper. Those were the days! Nowadays, a movie has to look really good to be deemed "theater worthy", otherwise we just wait to rent it on Redbox.

But there's something about the summertime that gets us there a bit more often. While watching previews a few weeks ago for the Back-Up Plan, it happened; that wonderful excitement that comes from wanting to see every movie previewed! In fact, being the list maker and total and complete geek that I am, I jotted them down in my little notebook, so not to forget a single one.

While I am absolutely positive more will be added to this list, here is a quick rundown of the Summer blockbusters I'm itching to see.

Sex and the City 2~yes it's true, I indulge in this guilty little pleasure! I absolutely loved the first one as it captured everything I wanted it to and tied up all the loose ends from the tv show. I can't wait to see what new adventures Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda are up to this time around! It will be fabulous!

Eat, Pray, Love~ while I didn't have much interest in reading the book, now seeing the previews for this flick, I feel it must be read before I see the movie! Not at all what I thougth it was about. A big plus, Julia Roberts, one of all time favorite actresses plays the lead!

Iron Man 2~ and not just to please my husband, I actually loved the first one! We will most likely be seeing this one in the next week or two!

Killers~while Chris will most likely not be joining me for Katherine Heigl's newest romantic comedy, I will absolutely be making my way to see it (possible girls night?)! If for nothing else, to see Katherine Heigl in all her cute outfits!

Just Wright~classic (read possibly cheesy) romantic comedy. As much as my hubby hates it, I love watching movies that are somewhat predictable. What can I say, I like knowing a happy ending is in sight!

How about you? Any new flicks you're looking forward to seeing?


Ali said...

Hey Kate! Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope to see you around again in the future.

My boyfriend & I are big time movie-watchers too :)

I definitely want to see Killers!

Missy said...

lol so funny! i was annoyed by the first SATC movie. it did make me laugh though! i am going to see the second one too anyway though. lol

and i can't believe you didn't want to read eat pray love! it is so hilarious! i'm glad to hear you maybe might want to possibly read it now lol

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