Monday, June 7, 2010

Glimpses of a Wonderful Weekend...

Saturday morning we took a trip to our local farmers market. This is, by the way, a huge reason I love this time of year! We got stocked up on yummy produce and other goods while getting a good dose of Vitamin D, gotta love that sunshine!

After a trip to the store for the other necessities we needed and a few sweaty hours of yoga, I made one of the most amazing desserts of all time! This honestly deserves a post all its own. So I will shy away from saying much more than this Coconut Lime Buttermilk cake was an incredible accompaniment to a delicious dinner with the Barkers Saturday night!

Sunday morning I was up at 4:30 to get ready for the Alameda Antique Fair! My Mom picked me up, we grabbed a coffee at Starbucks and headed to the Bay. It was a wonderful, mostly overcast day. We roamed around for nearly five hours and I'm sure, didn't even see two-thirds of the vendors. But we did bring home some great loot!

I snagged a bag of hand picked buttons for only $5, along with the two sweet cotton drawstring bags you see in the background!

Some pink vintage earrings and lovely heart shaped glass necklace.

This fun and quirky rooster pot holder.

And I was able to complete my Pyrex Crazy Daisy mixing bowl collection, which made my whole day!!!

I also bought some vintage childrens books (for our future nursery!) and two adorable vintage serving trays. It was such a fun experience!

And I got to end the weekend by having coffee with Parris Reed!

With the exception of sore abs and a minor sunburn, it was a perfectly delightful weekend!


Missy said...

i <3 cocount!

Kate said...

Me too!! You should definitely try this cake!

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