Thursday, July 1, 2010

Creating Healthy Habits

Well, June is over and it's time for a fresh new challenge! Sweating once a day served as a wonderful motivation booster for many of us, but why stop there? If you decided to take it on, good for you! You should now be in a habit of doing some type of exercise on a regular basis!

The funny thing about good habits is this: they always seem easier to break than they were to begin. So let's keep it up!

And why not add to it? Through the month of July I want to put another challenge out there. Let's create another healthy habit! This will be different for everyone, whether it's getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, flossing every day, eating breakfast regularly or getting to the gym in the mornings, let's make the month of July about creating healthy habits!

Let me know what you want to tackle this month. I love to hear from you!


Joan said...

Thanks for the inspiration through June!!! It was much needed and appreciated! Where do I begin for July? So many habits I'd like to conquer!! Ok - so I'd like to narrow it to 2 - I know you said 1, but these go hand in hand.... I will get 7 hours of sleep and do cardio everyday (even on my strength training days!).

Msladij said...

I have an idea. Geris Garden Spa will give away a facial with Megan for this contest! Here is the catch... You must make daily facial care every morning and evening a part of your routine for the month of July. If you need any tips on how to do this shoot me an email Then post your progress to Kate! Taking care of your skin is another way to take care of yourself! Truly caring for ouself is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Another reward for your hard work!

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