Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Away, Again

Get through the week: check
Pack up the tent and sleeping bags: check
Gather up food for 12 people: check

So what's going on this weekend, you ask? We're going camping! And I have to admit, as overwhelming as back-to-back weekend trips can seem, it's a wonderful thing to get away for a little R&R. Plus, Chris and I have been hankerin' to go camping since we've been married. That's two years, people!

I am anxiously anticipating catching up on some good reads, plenty of hikes, fishing (for the boys), campfires and of course, smores! And this weekend we get to bring our pooch. She's going to love it!

See ya next week!



missrhe said...

yay!!!!! I love camping!! we are going three times this year!!! can't wait to hear about it.

Kate said...

Three times? Lucky! Should be a fun-filled few days:)

Missy said...

that's wonderful! i love camping. i love s'mores. one time when i went camping with my bff as kids i ate so many i puked. she was so mad lol. she still teases me about it.

you don't like fishing? i noticed you said it was for the boys! lol. i like it...i can't take the fish off the hook though once i catch it. its too gross and weird to pull out that hook!

goodness this is a long comment!

Kate said...

I actually like fishing, but a bunch of Chris' male cousins came too and it was kind of a bonding thing for them. Plus, I really didn't want to pay for a fishing license for just two days:-) We definitely had a ton of fun!

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