Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Husband Talk

I know I occasionally gush about my wonderful husband, but please bare with me as I share some exciting news.

You may or may not know that he is a fanatical sports fan, which I have always found endearing. Most of the time at least.

Not only does he love to watch and talk about all things sports, he also has a passion for writing about them. And he's quite good if I do say so myself! Call it his journalism degree or sheer talent, but that guy has what it takes.

A few years ago he started a blog about the Raiders (check it out here), and while I didn't understand the brilliance of it at first, I have come to realize what a fantastic tool it has been for my husband to get his name out there. Today Chris' blog is the largest Raiders fan followed blog by a non-credentialed journalist. That's pretty amazing! And he's now got close to 1200 followers on Twitter! Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

So what is the point of all this? Well, it's not just to tell you how amazing he is, but to share that this weekend he was invited by the executive producer to be a guest on ESPN 1420. And last night, that is exactly what he did. I was so sad that I couldn't listen to it because I was teaching a class, though I'm sure he was wonderful!

What I find really cool about this whole thing is they found him. And you know what that means, people are starting to know who he is!

I love that my husband is pursuing what he loves and I couldn't be a more proud wife!

Keep it up, my love, the best is yet to come!


missrhe said...

I've always known who to go to talk sports that's for sure!
That is so awesome!!! I mean, that really is the coolest thing ever! You always hear about them finding bands and singers online, I mean Journey found their newest lead singer replacement on You Tube. Online blogging and social networking is becoming a real force to be reckoned with you know. I think that is awesome. I'm definitely a faithful reader, even though (heaven forbid, shhhhh) I'm not a huge raiders fan. But what can I say. LOL

Missy said...

wow...that is totally awesome!!! congrats to him! :-)

Samantha said...

That is so amazing! Keep it up Chris!! I am proud of you too! That is something you only here stories about!

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