Monday, August 30, 2010

Savoring the Last Days of Summer

As you all know, Fall is nearing and the months of sunshine and warmth are coming to an end. But this year, instead of skipping past the last glorious days of Summer, we decided to celebrate the wonderful 80 degree temps by going to the zoo. Always an enjoyable outing in my opinion! Of course, Pinkberry was thrown into the mix, making for a perfect day!

Otherwise, the weekend was a welcome opportunity to declutter and organize those small spaces that often get overlooked and neglected, aka: the "junk drawer", linen closet, laundry room and hall closet. Amazing what a little organization can do! But I'm not done yet...stay tuned for my next home makeover project!

Happy Monday!


Christie said...

Love the zoo - but that frozen yogurt is calling my name....yummmm


Missy said...

did you know flamingos are pink because they eat so much shrimp? lol

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