Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comfort Food

I feel as if I've struck gold with the divine, chilly weather we've had all week! And among making me giddy and energized, it's also got me thinking about comfort food and new ventures I might like to try in my cozy little kitchen this Autumn.

Confession: I've never had homemade mac n' cheese. That must sound crazy since it is among the most popular "comfort foods" known to man. Nevertheless, my extent of mac n' cheese has been the blue box...

So on my list of cozy dishes to try this Fall:

*Homemade Mac n' Cheese
*Roasting a chicken (I have oddly never done this)
*Butternut squash soup from scratch
*Pumpkin waffles, because we have totally mastered the pumpkin pancake!

And I feel sure we will be savoring countless baked apples~one of the Hansen's favorite Fall treats!

What are your tried and true comfort foods?



Blythe said...

If you're looking for an awesome way to make you're own rotisserie style chicken, I found how to make one in your crockpot that's so easy, versatile and you can use the leftovers for millions of different things!

Remember to put your chicken in breast side DOWN, and I left the skin on mine and removed after it cooked.

Have fun!

Missy said...

lol this is so funny! i was just talking to my sis a couple days ago and she said she'd NEVER roasted a chicken either! i was like wha-what?! lol.

i am a huge fan of comfort food. i love making mac and cheese, and spaghetti, and my mom's bean soup. pretty much anything my mother made while i was growing up is classified as comfort food for me! lol

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