Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crushing on Mrs. Meyers

A few weeks ago, desperately in need of hand soap and surface cleaner for the kitchen, I snagged a few of Mrs. Meyers products at Whole Foods. Familiar with the products, but a diehard fan of all things Method, I had never actually purchased any Mrs. Meyers goods. Boy was I missing out!

I've never had any complaints about my Method pink grapefruit cleaner, but the Lavender scented Mrs. Meyers is out-of-this-world aromatic. So much so that when Chris used the hand soap for the first time he couldn't get over how great it smelled. I am definitely hooked!

And a huge plus to these products, they are all natural, scented with essential oils and all liquid products are biodegradeable.

Happy cleaning!


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