Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hansen Happenings

It seems we've had a lot going on lately. Just thought I would update you on some of our latest happenings:)

Pups ~ While we had a slow go there for the first week or so, Abby has warmed up to Max quite nicely. In fact, they often play like it's going out of style and Max follows Abby everywhere, which we find so cute! We are thoroughly enjoying having two pups around, except when it comes to potty training...I think we forgot how much work it is. And it doesn't help that Max drinks his weight in water and therefore, pees every ten minutes-no exaggeration! But praise the Lord because last weekend it finally clicked for him to bark/jump at the door for us to let him out. Let's hope it sticks!

Chris ~ Since this post about my husband being a guest on ESPN 1420, he was invited back that very week and has had four seperate offers from sports websites asking to link his blog to their site. One of these being Yardbarker! Like I said before, he is amazing! Check it out here! He is Raidersblog:)

Yoga ~ My classes are going really well, though because I am responsible to drum up all of my participants, my class sizes vary. But because of much interest, I have decided to add a Saturday morning class, which will take place right after bootcamp (great strategy, I think!). I'm looking forward to the opportunity to bring in new people!

Schedules ~ Starting next week I am finally going part-time at my job in order to train more! Very exciting news since it will give me a much needed relief from the hectic schedule I've had the past several months. And hopefully more time to market myself, too. As for Chris, he is now working the same schedule as me (6-3). Not easy for my night owl of a husband, but he has adjusted well.

Cars ~ Some recent car trouble has caused us to temporarily be a one car family (thus the reason for Chris changing his work schedule so we can carpool). We knew it was inevitable that our cars would start giving us trouble, but we aren't quite ready to buy a new one yet. So we're holding out as long as possible. Hopefully in the next few months I'll be driving something a little more reliable (and grown up:)

Craftiness ~ This past weekend I went crazy buying fabric and making tons of coffee cozzies! All to get ready to open my Etsy shop and start selling my creations! Though I hadn't realized how much thought I would need to give to things such as my shop name, return policy, shipping, etc. It will probably be a few weeks to get everything in order and a decent supply of my little creations put together!

Fall ~ With football in full swing and the weather sort of cooperating, I am bursting at the seams for Fall to finally be here! Less than a week and I will be making my first pumpkin pie of the season!

So there it is, our lives as of late. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!


Blythe said...

Sorry to hear about your car :( I'm an at home workouter and I LOVE the P90X yoga (but you can only do it so many times!), so do you happen to know any other good Yoga DVDs?

Missy said...

my mother is saying the SAME thing about her new puppy. potty training is making her nuts!! lol

i am def going to order one of your cozzies!!! they are so cute!

Kate said...

Blythe~Jillian Micheal's has one that's pretty good, though really intense. You definitely feel like you got a good workout! And Gaiam has a great assortment of yoga videos that I like as well.

Missy~Thanks! I can't wait to get my shop up! I'll post as soon as it's ready:)

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