Monday, September 6, 2010

Quick Office Re-do

There's nothing like a little freshening up of a room to leave you feeling totally accomplished! For a few weeks now I've been dying to switch up our office. And since we hope to be moving in a few months, painting just didn't seem like a worthy effort . So I decided to first create a little asymmetrical photo wall above the desk, and to brighten things up a bit we painted the frames we already had a nice, crisp white. Finally, I got creative and re-purposed existing household items for somewhat uncommon uses.

With the help of a little organization and a trip to Ikea for some finishing touches, I am feeling pretty great about our little den transformation! What do you think?

Instead of filling every frame with pictures of us (since we have plenty of those around the place!) I tried to add some different elements, like the two flower pics I snagged at Ikea for $1 a piece and pictures of Chris and me as kids!

Then I switched out the old inspiration board for this pic I got at a garage sale last week for $2. By painting the black frame white, it goes right along with the brighter, clean look of the room.

Thanks to the $1 spot at Michaels, I have super cute office supplies to top my desk! The pink vase I already owned and is now serving as a pencil holder.

By taking this glass container I had in my pantry and filling it with my ever-growing stash of note cards, maybe I will remember to use them more!

And finally, by purchasing these brown totes for only $11.99 each, fabric, patterns and sewing projects are neatly organized and in an easily accessible location!


So that's what I've been up to this weekend! Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Labor day!


Missy said...

i think you have a knack for decorating!

that glass table looks interesting - whats the writing on it?

Kate said...

Aww, thanks:)

The desk says "love" in over 100 languages. I adore it! It's from Ikea and super reasonable!

Missy said...

that is super cute. i love it!

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